Reclaim Your Bookshelf
C H A L L E N G E 
Seven days to a more meaningful and intentional home library for your family.
Hosted by Samantha Munoz
author of The Intentional Bookshelf
I am on a mission to help parents just like you feel like they can be more impactful and purposeful teachers to their children through the power of kid's literature!

It's time to say goodbye to bad children's books.
It's time to #ReclaimYourBookshelf
You want to have a huge impact on who your child becomes.
& guess what
Your bookshelf should be working for you not against you.
Intentional Parents

they've reclaimed their bookshelves & are inspirational!
Challenge Breakdown
What to expect while you #reclaimyourbookshelf
Day 1
Learn about the purpose of a curated home library
Day 2
Clarify your intentions
Day 3
Gather all of your books and get rid of easy no's
Day 4
In-depth book analysis and categorizing what's left
Day 5
Organize books and create a reading space
Day 6
Say goodbye to the purged books!
Day 7
Evaluate growth areas and make your pledge to grow a library with purpose
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